Safety Equipment

Typical safety equipment used for ammonia systems:

Chemical Goggles - Splash-proof, indirect vent, impact resistant, chemical goggles 

Face Shields - Straight or Under-The-Chin visors are available, attachable to hard hats or headgear.

​Hard Hats - Head protection with a 4-point ratchet suspension for quick hat adjustments and a snug, comfortable fit.

​Neoprene Gloves - Ammonia resistant with interlock liner to hold moisture away from the hand, improved grip and flexibility.

Glove Liners - ​Liners provide added thermal protection.

​Chemical Suits/Rain Gear - ​Chemical splash suits, Rain suits and Hazmat suits.

Respirators - Full Face Cartridge Respirator, Positive Air Purifying Respirator and Self contained breathing apparatus. 

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